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                               150 E. North Street   Wooster, OH   

                         Phone: 330-264-9250   Fax:  330-264-0380


                                                    Our Staff

We are especially blessed to have dedicated leaders in each of these essential positions. 

Rev. Dr. Kevan Franklin -- Senior Minister           Email:  docksf@aol.com

Phil Starr -- Business Manager/Director of Invitation &  Celebration - Email:  starrpa@yahoo.com

Brandi Stevenson - Church Secretary - Email:  trinityuccwooster1819@gmail.com

Karla Jewell -- Asst. Business Manager - Email:  km.jewell@yahoo.com

Suzanne Feltner -- Director of Arts & Music - Email:  suzannefeltner@yahoo.com

Jim Nicholson--Organist - Email: jwnicholson1003@gmail.com

Who We Are

Our covenant with the United Church of Christ gives focus to our purpose as stated in the God is Still Speaking message:  "No matter who you are or where you may be on life's journey, you are welcome here.  Jesus didn't turn people away and neither do we.  God is Still Speaking!"

Please take the time to view :   UCC Values

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A Place For All
If you are seeking a church home, come and worship with us and meet the faces that are eager to greet you. Visitors and their families are always welcome and encouraged to participate in any of our programs, special events, youth activities and worship services.

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