In listing with UCC Volunteer Ministries, it is understood our project is open to all qualified participants in accord with the non-discrimination policies recommended by the United Church of Christ so that we do not discriminate against participants on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, or disabilities.  

Work Needed (how you utilize volunteer groups?)  
Volunteer groups will begin each day by working with Trinity volunteers preparing and serving our Breakfast Program.  Following breakfast they will have the opportunity to work with one of several community organizations including MOCA House (a local mental health drop in center), People to People Ministries (a local food pantry), Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, Community Gardens, STEPS (Substance Abuse Treatment, Education and Prevention Services), Every Women’s House (Domestic Violence Shelter, Advocacy and Education Center), Friendship Meals, and the Wilderness Center. 

Time: (specific dates; application deadlines; time of year)  
Monday through Saturday opportunities available all year.  Application deadline is 4 weeks prior to the event. 

Group Size: 20 people maximum     *   Minimum Age: 13 years    *  Adult to Youth Ratio: 1:5 

 Conditions (room and board arrangements described)  
 Mission volunteers are housed on the third floor of our education building. We have a total of 40 beds (4 rooms of 5 bunks each). There are two restrooms each with one shower, two toilets and two sinks.  We also have a gathering room with sink, microwave and refrigerator.  Volunteers will need to bring their own bedding and toiletries. 
Suggested Donation: $200 per person per week.  Includes lodging, Monday-Friday breakfast and packed lunch and 2 evening meals. 

              North Street Mission Visiting Groups

              North Street  Facility Mission Photos

For more information on group experiences, please see the blog posts