Weddings @ Trinity

                                                                               Please complete the Wedding Information Form and return it

                                                                               to the Church  if you are interested in getting married at Trinity.

                                                                                                                                                                             Wedding Information Form

In order to reserve your wedding date on the church calendar, one-half of the fees must be returned as a deposit along with your wedding information sheets. The remainder of the fee should be paid one week prior to the wedding. Please make checks payable to "Trinity United Church of Christ."


Non-Members -   Sanctuary  $300       Chapel   $150
(Fees include the pastor, custodian and building usage for both the rehearsal and wedding).

Members -   Sanctuary  $100       Chapel   $50  (This fee covers the custodian but does not include the Pastor's honorarium.
                                                                               There is no fee for building usage).

The above fees assume that the Wedding Party secures all musicians and will make private arrangements for whatever reimbursement is required. 

Wedding Service - A basic wedding service typically includes the following, in order of occurrence:
Prelude, Exhortation, Prayer, Scripture, Initial Vows, Presentation of the Bride, Affirmation of the Families, Wedding Covenant Vows, Ring Service, Sealing of Vows at the Altar, Pronouncement of Marriage, Prayer of Blessing, Special Observances
Unity Candle, Benediction, Presentation of the Couple

*Special music may be placed  throughout the service as desired.